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Yenka Statistics: the lineup

Yenka Statistics is one of Yenka’s Mathematics modules.  To help introduce ideas related to statistical measures, it includes a 3D line-up of characters.

In this video, I’ve added a lineup to the screen.  As you’ll see, it’s accompanied by a data table, into which you can type directly. The lineup will create random data for you to use, if you wish, but you could also capture data from your class.To add more students, just double-click on the top of the table, and change the number of students in the panel that appears.

Once you’ve set up the data as you want it, you can add graphs and charts.  They automatically pick up the lineup’s data, and plot the values. I’ve used a scatter graph to look for correlations between the different values.

On the graphs, you can click the labels on the axes to change what’s plotted. If you change the data in your table, for example - as I’ve done - by generating a new random set of students, the graph will update straight away.

As with the line-up, you can double-click on the graphs to edit their properties. The scatter graph lets you add a line of best fit, and an indication of the strength of the correlation.

Statistics can sometimes seem a little dry for newcomers; we added this lineup to Yenka to help illustrate some of the key points. We’ll come back to it in the next few weeks, to look at a few more useful tricks.

As usual, you can try this yourself with Yenka’s free home licence.

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